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   Joanne Parkinson

       I began taking photos as a child, I would take photos   of people, animals, buildings - you name it! And at that 
  time they were black and white - no color film
  available. I always had my camera with me for school
  field trips, Holidays and any time I felt like shooting
     I took less photos as time went by, too costly, not
  enough time, etc.
    I picked up a camera and began filling books with
  memories to look back on when we went to Arizona
  about 12 years ago - such beautiful scenery!!
    When we moved to Maine 9 years ago I became much  
  more serious with my photos and began to explore the
  beauty that surrounds me here. I enjoy taking     landscape photography, photos of flowers, ocean and   beach photos and so much more!
Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and share some of my memories!
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